Some snoring conditions can be resolved relatively easy with over the counter treatment

A normal person would not know this but there are actually different types of snoring. They key thing is knowing where its coming from.

Most people’s snoring is not serious. This is mainly a snore that originates from your nose as opposed to your nose. One of the most simple solutions is to purchase nasal strips for snoring related to congestion instead of medications or ointments.

Nasal strips have no side effects unlike medication. There are also other solutions for this that don’t have side effect like vapor rubs.

These have been used for many years and are safe for use around kids. When it comes to other more serious things like sleep apnea, none of these will make much of a difference.

Another really easy solution is to eliminate dander and pollen away from areas where you sleep or spend more of your time during the day.

Allergies have been known to cause irritation which in turn cause congestion from the increase in mucus production. Take a close look at your pillow covers and bed sheets.

Are they the kind that release all kinds of dander all over the place? Try some that are more smooth like satin for a change.

If your furry animals join you in bed every night, try removing them once or twice. One other similar cause that can irritate you include foods. If you are someone who drinks alcohol before bed, don’t be surprised if you suffer from this.

Both of these things might be hard to do but just keep in mind its for the better of your health. These solutions may be simple but definitely have great potential to cure you altogether.

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