Snoring might be cause that odd change in voice you noticed

Its hard to believe, but some people have no idea that they snore at night. Usually the people that sleep with someone else in the same bed are the first to know.

Sometimes there are clues but often time they are ignored because they don’t really cause any problems beyond a small annoyance.

When is the last time your voice tone changed? You might have wondered at some point, can snoring make you hoarse? The answer is, yes it can.

You may also notice soreness in your throat. These go hand in hand. If you don’t know for sure if you snore or not, you can actually go to a sleep lab where they can perform a sleep study.

This is where you are asked to sleep with a bunch of wires hooked up that monitor your breathing, oxygen levels and brain activity.

From here the doctors can make a solid diagnosis. Its encouraged that these issues are dealt with right away. You could be in danger of more serious conditions like sleep apnea.

Over time heart failure can set in. During sleep apnea you essentially stop breathing. This puts a ton of stress on your heart and causes it to weaken.

Its definitely a life threatening condition. There is heart medication like beta blockers that can be use to treat heart failure. It does however have side effects.

People usually report feeling like they are going to faint.

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